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Welcome to something different. This site came to be by mistake. If we did not make mistakes, none of us would be visiting here. So in that regard, consider your self at home here.

A Course In Miracles is a self-study system of spiritual psychology. It is not for every-one. It is not the only means to achieve enlightenment. It is not intended to be used as the basis for a new credo, dogma, religion or cult. The specific purpose of this site is clear. It is for the use you have for it in this regard. Whether as a means to conduct an on going one-on-one dialogue, group-discussion, self-education, self-healing, share a story, a joke or a concern.

We are all here with common roots. We are all equal children of an all-loving spiritual creator and Father whom we know and accept as God. It matters not if we believe in Him. He believes in us. Thus we are all equally worthy of His love and His respect and we share and reciprocate those qualities with one another.

We all have two basic emotions, "Love" and "Fear", which at times manifest as either "expressions of love" be that in the context of acceptance of "Self" and mutual, unconditional acceptance of others, or as an, "appeal for help". These are temporary parameters, which seem to bind us.

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With kind permission of the copyright owners, extracts, sayings and passages from the three-volume set, Text, Workbook and Manual for Teachers, plus related material comprising A Course In Miracles. © 1975 Foundation for Inner Peace, P O Box 598, Mill Valley, California 94942, USA will appear with references faithfully included. These words from Jesus and their impact on us form the basis for the content of this Internet Site. The Editor of Southern Miracles, P O Box 193, Burnside, South Australia, 5066, and ACIM Study Group Mates Online, publishes ideas, understanding and concepts determined from A Course In Miracles. These are views held by students, authors and contributors. Being personal in nature, they are not necessarily endorsed by the copyright holders.

"Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."

[Introduction to Text. P1.2: 2]

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